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Alternative Investment Monitoring


It's a long road... stay informed

What is AIMtm?

Buttonwood’s Alternative Investment Monitoring service provides Best-in-Class monitoring and due diligence on individual alternative investment programs, on a quarterly basis for the life of the alternative investment program.


Why AIM?

Calling all BDs, RIAs, Reps and Advisors...

  • You expect to be fully informed pre-investment decision...why would you not expect the same for the life of the program? 

  • Best Interest vs. Fiduciary shouldn't matter when it comes to knowledge and monitoring your investments. Get AIM!

  • Admit it, your current monitoring process is cumbersome and takes way too much time. Streamline with quarterly monitoring from AIM!

  • Assessing an asset management fee while limited info is making it tough to justify that fee? AIM is your answer!

  • At a glance, color-coded sections make it easy to quickly see the status of the program and what areas are performing as expected and which need further review.


For Our Sponsors and Fund Managers...

  • Stand apart from the crowd and gain a larger following by enhancing your program with AIM's quarterly monitoring.

  • Utilize the AIM information conduit to stay in consistent, quarterly communication with your selling group - stay ahead of the story.

  • Build your brand through regular, predictable communication with your BD/RIA/family office partners.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to be transparent, a good partner and a good steward of the investment entrusted to your care.

  • Save time and $ by streamlining your ongoing due diligence information requests from BD/RIAs into one easy-to-read quarterly report.

Why- Sponsors, Asset Managers
What's Covered?
15 Categories, comprising 40 sub-categories...
  • Program Status/Quantitative Summary

  • Asset Review and Assessment

  • Asset Verification

  • Asset Disposal Review and Assessment

  • Notable Developments at the Sponsor and/or Program Level

  • Financial Health Review and Analysis

  • Leverage Review

  • Distribution Overview

  • Fee Review and Assessment

  • Redemption Overview

  • Management Review

  • Service Provider Review and Verification

  • Affiliated Transaction Review

  • Entity Status Review

  • Buttonwood’s Thoughts

... All wrapped up in an easy to read, user friendly package.
AIM DST Example photo.png
Covered Items

An Easy Decision...

AIM chart picture.png
decision making.jpg

How Much Does It Cost?

Less than the cost of a family VIP package at the Schaumburg, IL medieval dinner theater (drinks included).
Actually, we just made that up.

Contact Buttonwood for pricing

*will be free for BD/RIAs for the first year
*Sponsors fees are nominal and designed to be easily integrated into the program's due diligence fees

This is amazing. We've been needing this in the industry for years. We do our own due diligence, but to have a third-party help and give us a quick glance at the programs saves us time and helps us dig deeper where we need to. We're so much more informed.

Valley Road

The ability to see very quickly where things are, every quarter, gives us the peace of mind to potentially catch red flags before they're a major issue. Gone are the days of the black box of information after the raise period ends!

Light Bulb

More reasons you need AIM...

  • Highly effective way for registered reps, RIAs and other interested parties to stay informed on the pertinent details specific to alternative investments

  • Reliable, independent, third-party work from a reputable company with 20 years’ experience

  • Quality research and due diligence work supporting the fiduciary obligations of advisors

  • Insight into alternatives and their performance in a way previously not possible

  • Demonstrable justification of annual fees for fee-based advisors

  • Strengthening of sponsor – advisor relationships through transparency and disclosure

  • Elevated levels of trust and confidence in alternative investments for advisors and their investors

  • …and More!

  • Stand above the crowd by taking part in improving the alternative investment experience for all parties involved

  • Create legitimacy through a demonstrated commitment to transparency and good stewardship

  • Foster long-term relationships built on trust, confidence and improved communication

  • Stay ahead of and share the “story,” regardless of whether that story is positive or negative

  • Build your brand by staying in front of and relevant with BDs/RIAs/FOs on a quarterly basis

  • Utilize the AIM™ conduit to disseminate important information on a quarterly basis

  • By streamlining the ongoing due diligence process you’re making it easier for the advisory side to work with you and your programs

  • Pave the way for future fund raising

  • Improve the odds of capital in place being recycled at the conclusion of a program

  • …and More!

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